The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Artificial Intelligence / Automated Security Operations

Initiative by:
TNO and HSD Office
In progress

We are entering an era of hybrid (economic) opportunities and threats generated by the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and other powerful dual-use technologies, with implications for nearly every aspect of daily lives. This AI convergence with complex socio-technical systems is visable in a set of in-depth scenario’s:


  • Manipulate and simulate information by amplifying hybrid cyberthreats and political and social engineering;
  • Intrusive and coercive forms of surveillance and use of personal data;
  • Smart, vulnerable cities where new form sof virtual, physical and urban attacks, crime and violence could drastically increase human and civilian insecurity;
  • Empowering potential of AI convergence to address many risks by technological optimization for progress related to security and justice and diminishing crises and risks.


Because of the social impact of Artificial Intelligence, it is important that companies, government, knowledge institutions and end users work together more closely. Cooperation increases the effectiveness, with the aim of reaping the benefits of applying AI within the security domain.


As accelerator and facilitator of the Dutch Security Cluster, HSD Office wants to contribute to the flourishing of cross-pollination. Aiming to create a more secure society and economic growth. Therefore HSD Office developed an AI programme, supporting the Dutch AI strategy by AINED (TopTeam ICT, VNO-NCW, ICAI, NWO, TNO), providing the answer to the questions: 


  1. How can opportunities be exploited and frameworks created that provide AI for applications within the Security domain and how can secure AI applications be realised?
  2. How can the interactive HSD community be used to accelerate (the security of) AI applications within the security domain?


Public-Private collaborations to develop concepts of AI applications

The programme wants to contribute to more effective Dutch public safety policies. This is realised by focussing on facilitating public-private knowledge and innovation programmes which result in concepts for AI applications and how they are shared within the innovation eco-system.  


Innovation Programme: Automated Security Operations

An example of such an innovation programme is the 'automated security operations', led by TNO in close collaboration with HSD Office and several HSD partners. The programme includes the developement of an extensive automation (security by machine speed) by using AI together with the HSD community. Aim is to contribute to safe cybersecurity operations within businesses and on the other hand resulting in more cost efficiency as well as labour efficiency. (Responding to the lack of cyber security talent, as mentioned in our Human Capital Agenda Security) The main goal of extensive automation within security operations is to lever against the extensive evolution of sophisticated threat and attack methods.





Several providers of security solutions and value added services (f.i. KPN, VMWare, Cisco and Infradata) have shown a lot of interest for the planned innovations of this automated security platform. Both Cyberveilig Nederland (CVNL) and the HSD Office are involved to expand this consortium with specialized solution providers, who can improve their products and services based on the innovations of the automated security solutions. In september 2020 the consortium started with support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


It is the follow-up of the signing of a Letter of Intent in October 2019. 




TNO automation security model


Other HSD Office Activities

As part of the AI programme, HSD Office launced a study about AI and the implications for cyber security. It provided us insight in the AI community, the topic and the possibility to explore the opportunities. To share the outcomes of the studie, HSD Office took part of the Rotterdam Venture Cafe on AI, Ethics & Security (21 March 2019) and organised an HSD Café (11 June 2019) that focusses on Artificial Intelligence within the public safety domain. The goal of the Cafes was to determine which priorities we are going to pursue together with our partners. 


In addition, we constantly bring together triple helix partners to explore new AI possibilities and programmes, to articulate focused demands, and establish a framework for collaboration. Also HSD Office aims at working more closely together with other network organisations and innovation hubs, such as Yes!Delft, The Hague (AI & Blockchain) and The Hague Tech. 


For an overview of the 2020 AI Landscape: startup and scale-ups in Greater Rotterdam-The Hague Region click here.


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