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The Dutch
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ThreadStone Cyber Security - Project HSD Development Fund

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ThreadStone Cyber Security B.V., TNO, WorldStream B.V.
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With the growth of the internet, the dependency and complexity of ICT increases significantly. This offers benefits for the end users, but also cyber criminals who see this growth as an opportunity, particularly towards the vulnerable small and midsized enterprises (SME’s). Badly programmed or outdated software, but also updates that are (not) performed by administrators or developers lead to new ' vulnerabilities '. Per month about 500 new vulnerabilities are being found in generally used software and hardware, allowing cyber criminals to have the ability to digitally break in. It is therefore an 'on-going' problem. With the growth of the internet, in 2020 we’ll have about 50 billion devices worldwide that are vulnerable to cybercrime.


About ThreadStone Cyber Security

ThreadStone Cyber Security delivers a solution for detecting, reporting, and managing vulnerabilities. The solution of ThreadStone consists of various types of advanced scanners, which perform - periodically – very qualitative scans. ThreadStone Cyber Security works entirely from the European Cloud; no expensive hardware, software, training or installation costs. The solution is fully automated enabling ThreadStone to offer the solution for an affordable (to SME) rate. ThreadStone will sell its solution indirectly via IT partners, e.g. webdevelopers, Web designers, infrastructure specialists, telecommunications suppliers and hosting companies. These parties are also responsible for actually solving the found vulnerabilities, so for them an interesting new business opportunity evolves.


The objective of ThreadStone is to offer more than just a tool. ThreadStone wants to offer a solution to this problem and thus make Netherlands and Europe a safe place.


About the cooperation with WorldStream

Worldstream is an international hosting provider and in the cooperation between WorldStream and ThreadStone, the solution will be made universally applicable for hosting providers. At this moment a customer buys a hosting solution, in the near future it will be possible to buy a ‘secure hosting’ solution. With this option, the solution of ThreadStone will be included.


About the cooperation with TNO

From the theme Defense, Safety and Security TNO is working on national and international security. TNO helps to solve complex problems through research, giving advice and developing prototypes. TNO has researchers, domain knowledge, laboratories and facilities in the field of cyber security.


In the cooperation between TNO and ThreadStone there will be investigated how the expressions to the market will fit the SME market best. In particular the 'human factor' is an important research theme. In addition, in the cooperation with TNO the scans will be broadened. In the near future for example by adding 'company profiling' to the platform of ThreadStone (company profiling tells you what can be found on the internet about your organization, this information is used by cybercriminals to digitally break into your systems).


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This project is co-financed by the HSD Development Fund from the City of The Hague


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