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The Dutch
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Trusted Networks Initiative

Initiative by:
Dutch Datacenter Association, Dutch Hosting Provider Association, DINL, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, Ducht National Cyber Security Centre

In the period 2014 and 2015 a number of stakeholders and providers in the Dutch ICT sector worked on a concept, whereby Dutch fragile sites could have an emergency solution for cases of very large and/or prolonged DDoS attacks.

This initiative, the 'Trusted Networks Initiative' (TNI), has been developed by these sixteen parties upto the testing phase, but never became operational.

The reason for this was that the Dutch operator-networks ultimately preferred a different solution, which led at the end of 2015 to the founding of the  'Dutch Continuity Board' (DCB).

The Dutch Contuity Board also aims at developing measures tot reduces the impact of large-scale DDoS attacks, and this project is currently in designing phase.

Some representatives of the former TNI project are invited by DCB to serve on a sounding-board group to share the already accumulated knowledge and experience from the TNI project with them. It is expected that the DCB project will be operational sometime in Q4 2016.

The Trusted Networks Initiative aims at a global trust concept that provides website-operators with a last-resort option in case a large or long-lasting distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can not be mitigated by other Anti-DDoS means.



The project is facilitated by The Hague Security Delta and was launched in The Netherlands in cooperation with a group of critical-website operators, access networks, internet exchanges, governmental organizations and supporting institutes, who recently kicked off the initial Trusted Routing concept that currently operates in beta mode.


The principles of the solutions are simple: each participating network at its sole discretion can step to ‘trusted internet only’ if an emergency situation requires to temporary disconnect from the global internet.


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Any network, content or access provider, can participate in the trusted domain as long as they commit to a certain minimum of:

- DDoS-preventing technology;

- sufficient organizational response to DDoS events, and;

- respect to common laws.

For more technical information about the Trusted Routing Concept take a look at the Information Sheet.

An article on Trusted Networks Initiative was published in Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 32, Issue 1.


Trusted Networks Initiative is Supported by:

 HSD Logo2       NLNet Foundation



Members and Qualifiers of the Trusted Networks Initiative:

The Trusted Networks Initiative is focusing at content operators with (critical) websites using their own AS, IP and BGP4 routing facilities. Additionally the initiative is focusing at fixed and mobile access networks with a significant number of subscribers that should always be able to visit the (critical) websites.


Parties that meet the qualification requirements for being a Trusted Network, based upon the‘Trusted Networks Policy’, can have themselves qualified by sending a Qualification Request to the Chairman of the Trusted Networks Initiative.


Overview of members:

   AMS IX  asp4allEZorg logo

  ing  JointTransit  NL ix3

  OpenPeering2 logo Ordina  Rabobank

SIDN  SNSBank   Logius logo

 Surfnet   XS4ALL



Trusted Networks Initiative Is Endorsed by:

 dutch datacenter association2 DHPA dinl






Network Partner Requirements: Trusted Networks Policy, Beta-version vs0.7, November 24, 2014


Technical Requirements: forthcoming


FAQ Trusted Networks Initiative

Certified Partners Are Allowed to Use the Trusted Network Logo:
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Services Currently Available
In order to protect your business or the business of your customers against DDoS attacks and vulnerabilities or hacking assaults, partners of the Trusted Networks Initiative can offer risk mitigation controls, which help partners to avoid service disruptions and down time.

NL-ix and AMS-IX

More Information about the Initiative
If you want to know more about the initiative and the possibilities of joining, please contact Michel Rademaker, chairman of the Trusted Networks Initiative.



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