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The Dutch
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Sam Outdoor - Project HSD Development Fund

Initiative by:
Lobeco, Trigion, Port of Rotterdam, TUDelft, Robot Security Systems
In progress

The Sam Outdoor project aims to develop an autonomous robot for monitoring purposes in e.g. the port of Rotterdam. Of course this project is executed in cooperation with the Port authority of Rotterdam, but also Trigion security, the Technical University of Delft and the high-tech start-up Robot Security Systems will be working on the ambitious project. For this project, multiple robots will cooperate with each other to guard against intruders, but also a site to check for suspicious circumstances. You can think for example of open containers and suspiciously parked cars.


The ultimate goal of the project is to provide better security for the ports of Rotterdam on a smaller budget. We do this in such a way that the robots, together with monitoring station, can guarantee a maximum range and coverage. Because the robots only ask assistance in suspicious circumstances, this will mean that fewer people will be needed for guarding and that at the same time more terrain will be monitored.


The main challenge for the robots is to cope with the unpredictable conditions outside. It is therefore no surprise that the focus of the development is on the development of sensors and smart software for reliable detection. Also, the cooperation of the robots themselves and working with people is a challenging subject that deserves attention. In addition to that , of course, comes the development and building of the robots themselves and all the supporting software that will enable robots to work independently with each other and with human guards.


Current Status: May 2014
The project is on schedule; the specifications have been put on paper, the concept design is complete and the main part of the autonomy software and the detection software are being tested. The coming weeks will be dedicated to the first tests of the individual sensors for the detection. Also, in the coming months the first prototypes will be engineered.


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Sam outdoor


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The HSD Development Fund is made available by the Municipality of The Hague and the European Community.

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