The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Technology Cluster for Development of Innovative Counter Measures Against Break-ins

Initiative by:
Nationale Politie, TNO
In progress

Together with the Dutch National Police, TNO is starting a project called Technology Cluster for Development of Innovative Counter Measures Against Break-ins. They invite SMEs to participate in the following activities:

  • A workshop session in which the Dutch National Police provides knowledge of how break-ins happen, i.e. the modi operandi of burglars.
  • Translation of this knowledge into tangible sensor concepts based on available technology of participating SMEs.
  • Evaluation of these concepts in a live pilot house.


For SMEs, participation in the project is an opportunity to further innovate their products in a live pilot environment, develop a strong business case with respect to break-in prevention, and exposure of their products and technology to a wide audience.

The flyer "Samen de inbreker te slim af" provides detailed information about the project (in Dutch).

For participation or more information, please contact Ingrid Weima ( or Boy Kodde (


More information in Dutch (1 July 2014)

HSD Partners involved

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