The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

NSS Innovation Room: Security Innovation Expo

Initiative by:
Ministry of Security and Justice, NCTV and the Municipality of The Hague
In progress

It is important that major events such as the Nuclear Security Summit proceed safely. And that disruptions to everyday life in a large city are kept to an absolute minimum. In the Netherlands we are developing innovative solutions to do just that. During the NSS Innovation Room on 21, 24 and 25 March the most innovative security-related technologies that the Netherlands currently has to offer were on display. Members of NSS delegations, security professionals from the public and private sectors, local and national administrators, journalists from home and abroad and large-scale event organisers were invited to visit the Innovation Room at the HSD Campus.



The exposition showcased projects such as real time intelligence tools for mounted police units, mobile road barriers and virtual training possibilities. Innovation is essential for the organisation of events. It’s increasingly important to organise large scale events without disturbing the daily routines in large cities like The Hague. The government can only do so by utilizing the power and knowledge of companies and research institutions. On the HSD Campus, these “triple helix” parties joined forces to demonstrate innovative technologies and methods.


The NSS Innovation Room is and initiative of the program [veilig] door innovatie ([secure] through innovation) of the Ministry of Security and Justice, the NCTV and the Municipality of The Hague, facilitated by The Hague Security Delta. More information:



Participants Exposition (HSD Partners): Innovation & Organisation

  • Crowd Control Trainer: VSTEP
  • iRN: National Police
  • Situational Awareness: Mounted Police
  • Real-time Intelligence Center: AGT International
  • Twitcident: CrowdSense
  • WorldForum 3D: Re-lion
  • Grab and Stitch: TNO/National Police
  • Realtime Traffic Management: Saab
  • Traffic Management Masterplan: Arcadis
  • Tec4se: Security Region Twente
  • Policetraining/XVR: Police Academy
  • DISCUS: Ministry of Defence
  • Compronet: Groningen Police/CGI
  • InterACT: IC3DMedia
  • E-nose: DCMR I-Table: TNO
  • ProTact: Fox-IT
  • Safe Armoured Glasing: Krov
  • M-sec wall system: Aalbers|Wico Defence & Security


Interview Zepcam (winner visitors price NSS Innovation Room) on BNR radio about mobile camera use for mounted police.


Results NSS Innovation Room


 infographic NSS Innovationroom

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