The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster


Initiative by:
the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague

Organizations are buying camera systems en masse; however, the ability of humans to conduct continuous surveillance is a problem. in addition, leveraging the investment in camera technology for other uses such as business continuity and emergency management have been ad hoc at best. The challenge is to reconsider the basic issue: improving safety and security. Cameras by themselves have failed to deliver that improvement.


BeWare is an innovative decision support system for the control room operator streamlining surveillance by only informing the operator when a risk or threat is present. At that time the operator is presented only with the relevant information and camera feeds. BeWare achieves this by extremely fast analysis and correlation of data from alarm panels and systems, fence detectors, security cameras, public sources and even police files. The system unravels patterns and signals anomalies by making comparisons with historical data. Read more information in the pdf document.


This project was initiated and executed  as part of ‘Pieken in de Delta’ program (2006 to 2010), an initiative funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague to support collaborative use of commercial technologies in public security.


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