The Dutch
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The Dutch
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Deloitte Winner of Global CyberLympics Security Challenge Because of Young Security Talent

For the fourth time 'ethical hackers' of HSD partner Deloitte won the Global CyberLympics Security Challenge in Washington DC. This international hackers competition provides the opportunity for cyber security specialists to practice situations where they are not daily confronted with.

Last year Deloitte ended up at the second place. This year they changed the structure of their team; four young security talents were added. Ivo Noppen, the captain of the winning Deloitte team, stated that the young security talents are the reason why they won.

In the final the Deloitte ‘Hack.ERS'’-team competed against eleven other teams from all over the world (Netherlands, USA, Australia, Russia, India, Nigeria, Argentina and Brazil). The KPN-team ‘Sector C’ took the second place.

Source: Deloitte

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