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The Dutch
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Call: Submit your Challenge for Resilience Right Now

In the last weeks, the world has been turned upside-down. Several organisations, led by WordStartup and Impact City, have join forces to create a thriving community of professionals creating concrete solutions for our new reality. Aim of this initiative called 'resilience, right now' is to unite the unique capabilities and resources of businesses, governments, universities, startups, scale-ups, investors and many others, to co-create the most needed solutions for today's challenges caused by the Corona virus, and foster resilience in our cities. 


The coalition has launched an open innovation platform offering an overview of a wide variety of programmes, projects, challenges, competitions and hacks.


This is how it works!


Hackathon for Good: 27 March 2020

Friday 27 March, the coalition will have its first event: the Hackathon for Good, Resilience XS version. This mini hackathon is organised in collaboration with Hack the Crisis India.


The online hackathon will be about 2 challenges:

  • saving lives: How to monitor the risk of infecting others in the social network
  • saving society: How to speed up the processes for granting micro loans


A hackathon is a sped up open innovation programme. The outcomes are specified in the documents (available for the participants) per project since every challenge is at a different stage of development. Mainly they are aiming for having a working prototype to start user testing and implementation.

What’s next

The proven co-creation programme Startup in Residence will launch a special Resilience programme on the platform. The first challenges will come from Provincie Zuid-Holland.


In the upcoming weeks, months and perhaps even years we will have to face a great number of challenges during and in the aftermath of the Corona crisis. We have to act. And together we can. HSD Office has already joined the coalition. Will you join us? Send an email to


Share your challenges via: or work as an alliance partners on solutions in one or multiple co-creation programmes. Together we Secure the Future!


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