The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Access to Innovation

Innovation is necessary to address complex security challenges in the areas of national security, urban security, forensics, cyber security and critical infrastructure. As Dutch security cluster, HSD offers an open and trusted ecosystem where you can build sustainable partnerships on different security topics. The mix of openness and enhanced trust is necessary to form consortia and new business models.


In need for societal developments, solutions or ideas for certain issues, or a need for technological advances? A collaboration between triple helix parties is essential. The HSD Office works together with triple helix partners (businesses, knowledge institutions and government) to find the right innovative solutions and the necessary parties to collaborate with.


Moreover, the HSD Office – together with HSD Partners – organises events, matchmaking- and innovation programmes that allows you to meet other relevant parties. These events, matchmaking and programmes are most often open to all interested parties, to ensure a wide range of possible partnerships in multiple areas in security.


The HSD Office helps HSD Partners to find the right connections within the Dutch security cluster to collaborate on security innovations, or in finding suitable knowledge partners. If you have a security issue, the HSD Office can also provide market consultations for HSD partners. 

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