Access to Capital

Capital is necessary to develop innovative ideas into working systems and products. HSD Office, together with several partners, has created the HSD Finance Guide to keep innovative parties up-to-date on possible financing options during the different stages of the innovation process.This guide is specifically aimed at SMEs in the security domain and also includes subsidies and co-financing possibilities. For questions about the financing possibilities part of the Finance Guide, entrepreneurs can contact SME Connect on 0800-1014 or via

General questions about funding can be answered by HSD Office.


A new investment fund in Zuid-Holland for the proof-of-concept phase of new technologies is UNIIQ. UNIIQ is an initiative of Erasmus MC, Technical University Delft (TU Delft), Leiden University and the regional development agency InnovationQuarter. The fund assists entrepreneurs in Zuid-Holland to bring innovations faster to market. 


With the IQ Participation Fund, InnovationQuarter offers venture capital to bring innovations to the market in the South Holland region.


HSD also has partners and other connections to organisations providing funding and protective services for innovations.