Access to Capital

Access to Capital is one of the drivers to develop innovative ideas into working services and products. For security innovations, solutions and businesses there are multiple security subsidies and security funds available.


If you are a HSD Partner who seeks security funds or subsidies for your innovation or business, you are offered several opportunities within the cluster to meet with investors and financing partners. Examples are matchmaking events organised by the KvK and EEN, and pitching for capital events organised by: IQ, Rabobank, KPN, and TIIN Capital (amongst others). During these events, businesses and organisations have the opportunity to meet with investors in an informal setting to pitch their ideas, innovation or business for capital.


In collaboration with several partners, HSD office has published the HSD Finance Guide. The HSD Finance Guide focusses on SMEs in the security domain and explains the different security subsidies and funding options during different stages of the innovation process.