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The Dutch security cluster 'The Hague Security Delta' (HSD) is a network of businesses, governments and knowledge institutions that work together on innovative security solutions and knowledge development. In this network, security issues are discussed and knowledge is shared on cyber security, national and urban security, protection of critical infrastructures, and forensics. The HSD partners have a common goal: a more secure world, more business activity and more jobs. The core of the security cluster is the HSD Campus, the national innovation centre for security in The Hague.


Security is a societal issue with many challenges in today’s complex world. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are crucial for the realisation of the necessary and viable innovations in the field of security. Now and in the future.


Mission: Vision:  
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What are the tasks of HSD Office?

The Dutch security cluster HSD is supported by HSD Office. As an independent foundation, the HSD Office accelerates collaboration in the Dutch security cluster, connects businesses, governments and knowledge institutions and facilitate knowledge sharing between them. Together with these organisations, HSD Office sets up innovation programmes which are open to all who are interested. The HSD Office establishes both national and international knowledge and trade partnerships. Moreover, the HSD Office provides HSD Partners with access to marketinnovationknowledgecapital and talent. By doing so, the HSD Office together with HSD Partners, acquires talent, investors, conferences and foreign organisations to the Netherlands.


The HSD Office aims to:

  • Expand a visible, working knowledge cluster
  • Actively facilitate consortia, and contribute to a clear relationship between consortia of innovation budgets and financial instruments
  • Develop a Human Capital Agenda
  • Position the Dutch security cluster HSD (inter)nationally and to attract talent, investors, congresses and organisations

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The Hague Security Delta - HSD

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