The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Urban Security

IT and innovation make it possible to increase security in urban environments. With the help of CCTV and innovative software solutions data can be processed more efficiently and effectively. In addition to decreasing crime rates and preventing accidents, partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing innovations and knowledge to make events more secure.

Recap Demo-day J&V Startup in Residence Programme 2019

23 July 2019
On 18 Juli, the ministry of Justice and Security organised a demo-day of their 'Startup in Residence Programme 2019', enhancing innovative public private collaboration. During the event 9 startups presented new innovative prototypes for societal issu...
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Smart Secure Resilient Cities

Cities serve a variety of purposes for citizens such as recreation, work, or for protection. For a city to reach its full potential, it must use all of its resources in an intelligent and coordinated manner. Smart Secure Resilient Cities do this by u...
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