Urban Security

IT and innovation make it possible to increase security in urban environments. With the help of CCTV and innovative software solutions data can be processed more efficiently and effectively. In addition to decreasing crime rates and preventing accidents, partners within The Hague Security Delta work together on developing innovations and knowledge to make events more secure.

Netherlands International Security Forum (NISF) Held Their S...

28 March 2017
On 27 March the Netherlands International Security Forum (NISF) held their Spring 2017 meeting at the Campus of the Hague Security Delta (HSD). In the NISF the security officers of international organisations in the Netherlands discuss issues of mutu...
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Watch project and Sweetie 2.0

WATCH Netherlands The WATCH Netherlands project was set up to stop sexual exploitation of minors in this country. Its Observation & Action Unit is located at HSD and operated by Terre des Hommes, where students of forensic IT develop forensic techniq...
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