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The Dutch
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TNO and PROOOST invite various stakeholders to think along on finding innovative solutions to improve quality and efficiency of security for large scale events in the public space.


Stricter requirements and also the shift of responsibilities from the public sector to the private sector lead to increasing costs for security at events. It is estimated that security and safety costs today already take one-fifth of a total event budget. Within The Hague Security Delta, parties will now be looking for practical solutions that can lead to the reduction of these costs and increase the efficiency of implemented solutions, while at the same time improve the service that is provided to visitors and stakeholders.


In four disciplines, innovations can contribute to more secure public events:

  • Visitor behavior
  • Security organisation
  • Information
  • Infrastructure


The next edition of the Life I Live festival in The Hague will act as ‘living lab’ for new innovations. The festival takes place the night before the yearly ‘Koningsdag’ in The Hague, with 200.000 visitors.


A kick-off meeting for this project was held 9 July 2013, with 50 people from 30 different disciplines and businesses. An assessment was made to what extent and in which domain the companies could contribute to improve the security of the Life I Live festival. Organisations that can contribute in the field of organisation, information and behaviour were well represented. Additional expertise is welcome in the field of infrastructure.


A HSD Café about Event Safety was held on 22 January 2015. In this HSD Cafe we looked at innovative ways of cooperation between triple helix partners and innovative technologies that are deployed to support this cooperation in the field of event safety and security.


Later this year Future Events, with the help of HSD, will launch EventCloud, a platform for open and closed event data and security features. The platform’s goal is to increase security at events and at the same time decrease security costs, making events more profitable and assuring the existence of free-of-charge public events. The ambition of EventCloud is to become a utilities platform which can be used in every city in the Netherlands. EventCloud will be used during City Events like Live I Live (26 april The Hague) and Leidens Ontzet (3 oktober Leiden); both with more than 200.000 visitors. This forms a unique Living Lab to test the innovations presented by the winner and runner up of the Secure Your Future competition. For more information, click here.


If you are interested to take part in this project, please contact HSD’s SME-desk (“MKB Connect”) for more information, via


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