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Tokenizer - Project HSD Development Fund

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Tokenizer is a new service that makes two-factor authentication available and affordable for any company or organisation around the world. Only using usernames and passwords to protect your private or business data is not enough in 2014. Huge webservices, governments and companies are hacked on a daily basis. Tokenizer adds an extra layer of security to all your logins and can be easily deployed by any system administrator or developer. No extra hardware needed. With Tokenizer installed on your mobile, you can safely log in to your account with just one finger’s move.


New office at HSD Campus
The HSD Campus is the ideal location for Tokenizer to establish her new office. On the HSD Campus Tokenizer found next to (semi)governmental institutions, research institutes many potential business partners that can help Tokenizer become the nr.1 choice for better authentication solutions. The spaces have the exact right ambience for the Tokenizer team to welcome their clients and partners and provide perfect spaces for presentations, courses and workshops. The partners behind Tokenizer are working hard to improve the product in the areas of: usability, server infrastructure, scalability, certifications and standardizations. With the help of the HSD subsidy the partners can turn Tokenizer into a world class product that is strong enough to protect governments and banks and is easy enough to help your grandparents protect their own private data.


Open platform
Tokenizer is designed as an open platform. The service comes with a complete API and developers kit so any developer, agency or system administrator can easily build an integration between their software and the Tokenizer service. The open API allows developers, security specialists and business consultants to build their own custom applications on top of the Tokenizer platform and generate business through the ecosystem. Tokenizer does not concentrate servicing end-clients but only facilitates licensed distributors. Tokenizer expects to generate at least 50 new jobs within 2 years in the Netherlands and aims to become a worldwide Top-3 brand in the market of two-factor authentication by 2017 that (at that time) is worth an estimated 5.45 billion US-dollar (source).


Plaatje Tokenizer



The partners that started this project are:

● PitGroup (Amsterdam based web- and software development company with 53 employees and offices in The Netherlands, Spain and Poland)
● PointGroup (Sassenheim based, data security specialist with +- 15 employees)
● Launching customer: The Dutch Safety Board (Onderzoeksraad voor de Veiligheid, based in The Hague).






Current Status: May 2014
During the first four months of the project the partners have achieved to redesign the working proof of concept into an enterprise level architecture and performed many sessions of user testing that lead into a complete redesign of all interfaces and business models. The new beta-version is launched on 29 October 2014. Tokenizer has started its marketing and sales actitvities from their new office located on the 8th floor of the HSD Campus from the first of June. The mission of Tokenizer is to eradicate passwords within 5 years from now and introduce a new standard of security.


For more information, please contact Leopold van Oosten via or visit


The HSD Development Fund is made available by the Municipality of The Hague and the European Community.

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