The Dutch
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The Dutch
Security Cluster

Intelligent Threat Detection (ITD)

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In progress

Led by TNO, a new concept for securing a number of high-risk sites is being investigated by a team of researchers and experts from the Dutch Royal Military Police, the Dutch Police and TNO. The purpose is the early detection of possible threats concerning the asset(s) to be protected. In which ‘early’ has a double meaning: in the outer security-rings as well as early in a modus operandi. One element of the research process is to functionally test new technology to investigate if and how the technology could have a role in the new concept. These experiments will be conducted during the coming two years. The ultimate goal is a more cost effective design of the security of these sites.


A RFI concerning research into the value of systems for Intelligent Threat Detection has been sent to multiple suppliers in order to gain insight into the overall functionality and implementation costs of the product type. Initially, the information provided by suppliers will be used for research into the potential role of the type of product in the new security concept. Secondly, the information will be used for detailing requirements for the procurement of a product for the experiments. TNO intends to involve suppliers in the setup of this large-scale experiment, for installing and configuring the product as well as to provide your opinion about the proposed test plan. Suppliers will receive a copy of the results of the experiment.


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