The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Security Innovation in the International Zone

Initiative by:
City of The Hague, HSD, Thales, TNO, Siemens
In progress

In the hart of The Hague, international city of Peace and Justice (and Security), lies the International Zone, home of international organisations like Europol, OPCW and Eurojust. At the World Forum, also situated in the International Zone,  conferences are held with government leaders from around the world. To make the area increasingly attractive for international organisations and residents, the city of The Hague is, among other things, investing in security. Until now, every building and event has its own security measures (fences, buffer zones, guards). With an integrated approach, using state of the art technology, and by working closely together, an improved security level can be achieved, with less inconvenience for employees, residents and visitors. 


In co-operation with all stakeholders HSD is involved in developing a program for security innovation in the International Zone . Part of the program is the creation of a unique living lab for security innovations where companies, knowledge institutions and security services can test new solutions in practice. First step in the program is the creation of a shared security information platform. 

HSD Partners involved

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