The Dutch
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The Dutch
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Showcase The Hague – Uban Planning

Initiative by:
the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague

Designing and setting up an area takes time and requires patience. Procedures that take years ensure that the interests of all parties involved, or should be involved, result in carefully weighed decisions that make up an area. Could this process be expedited with another approach? In which way could we develop a stakeholder-wide supported design, which includes all stakeholders from the start, for a given area? Which stakeholders need to be connected and what knowledge is required?


The project Showcase has developed a serious game, including toolbox with techniques and software models, that allow the realization of a marketdriven, innovative, area design. The serious game is an interactive tool in which stakeholders with the use of technology jointly come to resolve complex decision-making issues. Read more in the pdf document.


This project was initiated and executed  as part of ‘Pieken in de Delta’ program (2006 to 2010), an initiative funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Municipality of The Hague to support collaborative use of commercial technologies in public security.


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