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XVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology for the education, training and assessment of safety & security professionals. It is the mission of XVR Simulation to enhance the knowledge and expertise of these professionals, and improving their preparedness for any incident or disaster. All XVR products are flexible, reliable and user friendly simulation tools, where educational value comes first and the instructor is always in control.


The XVR platform

The XVR platform offers a set of modular solutions for all your training objectives, from operational to strategic command levels:

  • XVR On Scene - Comprehensive, versatile and flexible incident response training in a 3D-environment.

  • XVR Resource & Casualty Management – For tactical and strategic training of emergency logistics.

  • XVR Control Room – Simulation of safety and control systems in maritime, offshore, infrastructure and industry .

  • XVR Crisis Media – Interactive simulation of media and public responses.


Each XVR module can be used separately for specific target groups and objectives. You can also combine the modules, for instance for large-scale multi-agency exercises.


Over 200 organisations in 30 countries worldwide use XVR to train 70.000 incident responders every year. Our main user groups are schools & training centres, emergency services, industry & infrastructure, and maritime & offshore.


All XVR products are developed by XVR Simulation in Delft. XVR Simulation has over 15 years of experience and is European market leader in simulation software for emergency services. XVR Simulation works in national and international partnerships on innovations in simulation technology, and the application of these innovations in training and education.


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