The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

uCrowds B.V.

Vision of uCrowds

Have you ever felt unsafe when you walked in a dense crowd, which appeared in a city or the Love Parade? This start-up offers a software engine for simulating crowds in big infrastructures, events or computer games. 

In particular, the engine can be used:
  • ✔ to decide whether crowd pressures do not build up too much during an event;
  • ✔ to find out how to improve crowd flow in a train station;
  • ✔ to plan escape routes for use during a fire evacuation;
  • ✔ to train emergency personnel to deal with evacuation scenarios;
  • ✔ to study a range of scenarios during an event; or
  • ✔ to populate a game environment with realistic agents.

The ambition is to contribute to a safer and more pleasant world.

Premium partner

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