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The Dutch
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ReaQta is a privately held company, founded by an elite team of offensive and defensive cyber security experts and machine learning researchers, that develops a novel A.I. powered Endpoint Threat Response platform. ReaQta aims at providing advanced detection and response capabilities to the enterprise, without requiring additional or highly skilled personnel. The company’s innovative approach relies on the use of a unique NanoOS, to acquire security information at the deepest levels of the Operating System, and a smart use of the latest A.I. algorithms, to automatize the process of detecting new threats and handling them.


ReaQta offers a highly flexible solution that mixes simplicity with complete infrastructural visibility, making it suitable in every scenario: risk assessment, continuous monitoring and response, post-breach analysis and remediation. ReaQta combines in a single and highly integrated platform the functionalities normally offered by a different enterprise tools, with the goal of enabling our customers to quickly perform complex analyses that were only possible with large and highly specialized teams.

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Alberto Pelliccione
[email protected]
06-1546 0207
Vijzelstraat, 68, 1017 HL, Amsterdam
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