The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster


HackersHub is a network of Cyber Security Professionals, we organize events where we discuss the latest trends in Cyber Security, organize capture the flag events, and provide a platform where members can showcase their Cyber Security projects and start-ups.


Furthermore, we provide businesses the opportunity to share their services/products and get feedback from the community of practise.

We organize these events in Amsterdam and The Hague, where we try to balance an informal atmosphere while bridging the gap between Cyber Security professionals, Governments, Academia and Businesses.


Our goal is to assist the growth and innovation of the Cyber Security market in the Netherlands by bringing all the stakeholders together. We currently have 400+ Members, all with a diverse background or affiliation within the Cyber Security Field. Our events and membership is open to anyone who would like to gain insights and/or learn more practical skills in the Cyber Security. 


Furthermore, on the request of the members, we assist them with job placement at suitable employers within our network.

Alliance partner

Contact info

Mick Gesner v/d Voort
[email protected]
Bierstraat 123C
3011 XA, Rotterdam
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