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The Dutch
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The Biocryptology platform is a revolutionary platform for secure access to all kinds of online and physical locations, like events, gyms, cars, properties, cloud services, websites, emails, online banking, e-commerce, and much more.


It offers a solution for the following 4 problem areas.

  • Identity theft & fraud. These have reached epidemic levels and form one of the fastest-growing types of (cyber-) crime.
  • Large scale data breaches. Over the past few years, significant data breaches have taken place.
  • Access inconvenience. People have an ever-increasing number of (access) credentials for private use and work environments (like keys, swipe cards, passwords and usernames). 
  • Physical access control. Companies, governments, airports, health institutions and the education sector show an increasing demand for convenient and sophisticated physical access control.


Biocryptology offers four levels of identification and membership. The higher the identification level, the more profound the initial identity check of the person involved, and the greater the number of available uses.


There are two access possibilities:

  • The free app, which is downloaded onto a mobile phone or tablet. By placing a finger on the sensor of the device, the individual gets access.
  • The hardware device B1. By placing a finger on the sensor of the B1, the individual gets access. The B1 provides military-grade security and identifies a person, not just an ID, thereby eliminating ID fraud.


Online access and physical access:

  • Access to online locations is facilitated without usernames and passwords, a service available for free to any website that wants to offer it to their users. The website owner just needs to download our plugin or use the OpenID or SAML protocol.
  • Access to physical locations is facilitated by installing a small receiver, the N3 terminal, for example at the entrance of an office building or health club, or inside a car or private property.
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