The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

HTC Parking & Security bv


We ensure that owners and users can be proud of and feel safe and comfortable through the vehicle entrance of their parking, grounds or building.



We do this by pursuing the highest standards and setting the standard in terms of functionality, quality and safety and by being at the forefront of digital management and detection.  But especially we do this by developing appropriate solutions together with partners (architects, clients, contractors) in the areas of aesthetics, use, safety and budget. We have been doing this for more than 30 years and have realized around 4,000 projects worldwide.



We provide security and access control means for the realization of vehicle entrances for access to sites (perimeter) and buildings (facade and indoor). For "high reliable", "high security" and "high design" situations.


50x25 150dpi checkpoint



In the field of high security, HTC connects physical and digital security. This happens for both permanent and mobile applications. For permanent installations HTC has a line with RC2, RC4, RC5 and FB6 certified Speedgates. There are also Speedgates that meet the Belgian perimeter requirements. The Speedgates can be supplemented with Pevac Bollards and Blockers. The Speedgates can also be equipped with all kinds of sensors (including vibration detection) for observing external force exerted on the Speedgate. These solutions are applied and used for apartment buildings, courts, prisons, embassies etc.


In the field of mobile applications, HTC has developed a mobile vehicle entrance unit for police and the military. A 20" container with Speedgate and Barrier, which protects against burglary, small arms fire and attacks with vehicles. The aim is to equip this unit with sensors for identification, authentication and inspection, making it suitable for unmanned vehicle access on military bases and during crisis situations.



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