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The Dutch
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KrypC Technologies

"KrypC is a global technology solutions company, with offices in the Netherlands, delivering secure, enterprise grade Blockchain solutions to the Private and Public sector. KrypC's platform and solutions, built upon robust cryptographic foundations, hold exciting applications to the Public and Private domain. Our current clients are diverse, from FinSec and T&L/Supply Chain, to Media and Information Sectors, validating the success of our "bottom line, business value" approach.


Our flagship product ‘KrypCore’ is a full configurable, zero coding production grade platform. KrypCore vertically integrates businesses’ workflow, processes and parties and delivers an encrypted, smart Blockchain solution that is future proofed by continuous protocol updates (like Hyperledger).


With KrypC there is no uncertainty and nothing ‘abstract’ about Blockchain. Started by a 5 Founder/ +100 collective man-years experience in Cryptography & Blockchain, KrypC is a passionate company with over 50 technologists focused on accelerating Blockchain adoption and transforming its potential into verifiable bottom line business value.”

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