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The Dutch
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Crises occur unexpectedly, are difficult to control and can cause major damage. A good preparation for such disturbances is therefore necessary.


Planning and preparation

Good preparation starts with identifying vulnerabilities and actively looking for possible disruptions. In addition to operational plans, attention is also paid to the strategic level. Strategic decision-making groups must be prepared for their role. Support teams must be trained so that they can provide the strategic crisis team with the right information and advice.


Thinking in opportunities

The principles of effective crisis management are also useful in "the ordinary". The awareness that small incidents or failures can have major consequences makes these organisations alert. A crisis exposes vulnerabilities and makes necessary changes possible.


What Crisisplan offers

Crisisplan supports your organisation in preparing for crises. We evaluate your crisis management capacity, think with you about the crisis organisation, and train the strategic level. We make use of high-quality products that we specifically tailor to your organisation. Innovative technical support and the latest scientific knowledge form the basis of our success.

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