The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster


Planisys is a Cloud Services Provider with offices in Barcelona, Miami and Buenos Aires, oriented to Managed Cybersecurity by means of SaaS CDN, custom Virtual Private Servers, DNS, VPN and e-Mail security products.


We operate our own hardware and network infrastructure in Datacenters in California, Miami and The Netherlands, thus giving us full visibility of ongoing attacks and threats in all network layers.


Being e-mail one of the weakest points preferred by cyberattackers to penetrate organizations, we have developed the Avascloud Secure Email Gateway as a combination of opensource and proprietary code for machine learning and real-time pattern detection, with multinenancy in mind and many options for the different e-mail technical and cultural scenarios in businesses and organizations.


Through our Consultancy services and SaaS products, we work jointly with organizations in deploying the right rules, records and strategies for DNS, Secure CDN and e-Mail Security.


As of 2016, we have embraced Distributed Ledger Technology and are participating in projects by deploying private blockchain networks, and developing middleware and applications. We believe that the Blockchain's paradigm of immutability, distribution and intensive use of crypthography can help reduce attack surfaces and increase trust in digitized processes.

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