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The Dutch
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Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows monitors and manages an organisation’s digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the visible, deep, and dark web to protect the company’s business, brand, and reputation.
As businesses become increasingly digital, they gain huge benefits from adopting cloud, social media, and mobile devices. But these new tools also expose businesses to new risks.

Organisations are quickly realising they need to continuously monitor for external digital risks to their business, however, they are overwhelmed by point solutions that generate irrelevant, non-prioritised alerts. Security teams need a solution that can monitor open and closed digital sources for risks to their business and only deliver threats that are relevant and verified.

Digital Shadows SearchLight™ service combines the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable data analytics combined with human data security experts to protect an organisation from digital risks including:

• Brand exposure
• Cyber threat
• Data loss detection
• Infrastructure exposure
• Physical threat
• Third party risk
• VIP exposure


How we do it

Planning and Collection
Searchlight continuously monitors the visible, deep and dark web for mentions of your company’s assets and unique identifiers.


Automated Analysis
Irrelevant mentions are removed through a combination of data science and machine learning.


Human Analysis
Expert analysts verify automated incidents, remove false positives, conduct further research, add context and assign a severity level.


Relevant, prioritised and actionable incidents are delivered via our portal, email alerts or API.

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