The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is constantly looking for partners to develop new statistics and to develop new methods to measure phenomena in society, in order to provide insights for society. CBS publishes many and varied figures in the field of security and safety.


For instance the description of the criminal justice system in numbers: suspects detected by the police, cases handled by the public prosecutor's office, the outcome of lawsuits, the prosecution of criminal records, etc. Each year, CBS also publishes the safety monitor, which provides information about the security perception of citizens, both on national and on regional level. In addition, municipalities can ask for additional observations in this survey, in order to get a more detailed picture of the safety experience within their municipality per neighbourhood. CBS also describes new, difficult-to-measure phenomena, for example cybersecurity. On this, CBS recently released a cybersecurity monitor with 20 indicators on cybersecurity measures taken by citizens and companies, on cybersecurity incidents and on cybercrime.


The added value of CBS for the security cluster could be that CBS has many and varied data sources, which can be used to build statistical information. These resources can be used to gain insights into developments in the field of security. In addition, CBS has knowledge to set up appropriate measurement methods. CBS also works in its ‘Center for big data statistics’ on applications using big data sources for creating statistical information. One of the promising projects there is working with aggregated information from mobile telephony operators to compile statistical information about, for example, day-time population figures: where are people during the day? Such figures can be used for different purposes, for instance in the security domain.



Cybersecurity: Eric Wassink,
Security: Masja van Rooij-Kooiman,
Corporate: Cecile Schut,


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