The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Hogeschool Utrecht

The Institute of Safety and Security Management (IVV), part of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU), offers education to about 800 students. After a programme of four years students will obtain a Bachelor degree (Bachelor of Arts). The first and second year of the degree programme focus on an integrated and wide approach to security and safety. During the main stage students have the opportunity to specialise in safety, security or information security. IVV students spend a substantial amount of time learning from practical experience, for example during their internship in their third year (a half year internship). Depending on the choices students have made in their main stage, alumni often end up working in the public or private sector. For example as a policy advisor in the local government or as QHSE manager. In addition to our full-time Bachelor programme IVV also offers post-Bachelor courses for professionals. Our post-Bachelor programme in Information Security focusses on the skills and knowledge a Privacy Officer under the GDPR needs.


The Institute cooperates with the Research groups of the HU and a substantial number of our lecturers is involved in research. The research projects range from research for local government “about perception of (in)security” to participation in EU projects on the subject of “counterterrorism” and research about “the use of big data in the security domain”. This close cooperation between KResearch groups and the Institute of Safety and Security Management Studies means that our courses are state-of-the-art.


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