SIM-CI Simulating Critical Infrastructures

SIM-CI offers CI owners and asset managers a cloud-based suite of asset and risk management solutions, spanning from high level strategic focus to day-to-day operations. It offers network owners and governmental bodies the tools to bolster their critical infrastructure networks against current and future risk. Applying near-real time 3D/VR/AR projections and simulations, SIM-CI offers in-depth insights into critical infrastructure interdependencies, vulnerabilities, potential risks and the current status of assets. By allowing network operators to foresee, identify and assess the impact of events (planned or unplanned) upon their operations, they are able to take action to mitigate damage, maintain the network and optimize performance.


The SIM-CI services include advanced tooling for secure communications and interactions between CI Network Operation Centers, Field Service Engineers and external stakeholders such as governmental bodies and related security services.


SIM-CI currently employs over 50 highly skilled scientists and AI/VR/GIS developers dedicated to securing and optimizing critical infrastructures.


Igor van Gemert, Founder and CEO of SIM-CI: “Critical Infrastructure (CI) systems are the lifelines of our safety and prosperity, nerve systems facilitating communication, transportation, trade and financial transactions. Participating within the HDS enables us to share our insights and accelerate Resilient Smart City design to the max.”


Premium partner

Contact info

Igor van Gemert
CEO & Founder
+316 31 03 1648
Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10
2595 CL The Hague
The Netherlands
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