AuditConnect’ s expertise lies in IT auditing, Privacy and Information Security. From these specializations, we advise organizations on their IT-solutions. Our professional IT auditors, Project Managers and Consultants are conceptual thinkers who have the ability to quickly ‘integrate’ with your business processes and can deliver effective and professional services regardless of time constraints. AuditConnect supplies you with tools for optimizing your organization's IT performance. Professional and affordable pragmatic consultancy services performed by knowledgeable experts, is what we stand for!


One of the solutions that AuditConnect offers is a complete SOC/SIEM (Security Operating Centre/Security Incident and Event Management) option, which can identify systems and processes that create risks. Furthermore, it is possible to apply correlated monitoring to all (IT) assets. Because of this, AuditConnect can respond faster to security incidents and increase the chance of stopping intruders. This SIEM is a strong addition to monitoring tools such as Splunk. The real-time alarms, active network scans and traffic monitoring are unique to the AuditConnect SIEM.


Introduction to SIEM - Security Incident and Event Management
Automated systems gather all kinds of information relating to transactions, network traffic, authorisations, etc. Assessing log files can be problematic, because these files are usually very large and can become incomprehensible. Because events across systems are not related, it can be difficult or even impossible to create a complete (over)view. This creates the possibility that important (security) incidents remain unnoticed. A solution for this problem is implementing a Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM). AuditConnect offers a SIEM solution which meets the needs of both Board Managers as well as Administrators.


What is the advantage of the AuditConnect SIEM?
The SIEM combines monitoring, alarms in chronological order, correlation and reporting functionalities. With a SIEM processes are performed significantly more efficiently than when using the separate systems themselves. This eliminates the need for intensive manual labour.
From a compliance point of view the SIEM empowers being in control. The SIEM provides managers and administrators timely information on threats and vulnerabilities on defined assets. Because of this damage can be lessened or even prevented, ensuring compliance regarding laws and regulations.


The SIEM decreases the so-called ‘attack surface’ of organisations significantly. This – combined with faster detection, alarms and response from the SIEM – lessens the change of organisations becoming the target of an attack and simultaneously decreases the negative business impact.
The SIEM can, by use of an integrated vulnerability scanner, be used to detect a backlog in maintenance from within the infrastructure itself and can be integrated with multiple, already implemented systems (such as a ticket registration system/ITSM-tool, such as TopDesk). Because of this the SIEM can automatically generate change requests, resulting from security incidents. When a call in the ticketing system is closed the security state within the SIEM is automatically updated.


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