Protected BV

Protected is a Dutch organization that operates independent from suppliers and products. All employers are used to deal correctly with confidential data. The employers are also certified for their job. With an innovated SIEM Protected offers you a complete solution for 24/7 protection and continuity of your company. The Security Operations Center of Protected operates independently of datacenters and is deployable in every technical infrastructure (hybrid environment, Cloud environment etc.).


Growing threat: protecting information processes and infrastructure

Information services nowadays are supporting more important processes and vital infrastructure. It’s important that these processes and infrastructure are protected against espionage (confidentiality) and sabotage (availability and integrity).


Early Warning System

Protected offers a wide variety of solutions for the growing threats. We function as an early warning system to warn you for upcoming cyber threats. As a Security Operations Center we are an added value for public and private organizations by taking control or support of your IT security tasks. We save money for our customers and secure the continuity of their business.


We specifically help companies of any scale with Intelligence Driven Information Security solutions to predict, prevent, track, and react on:

  • cyber attacks

  • corporate espionage

  • information theft

  • information leakage

Location independent IT Security

The Security Operations Center of Protected makes location independent IT security possible and is scalable for any needs. Our Security Operations Center is available and is paid per use.  Without doubt confidentiality, integrity, availability and service excellence come first.


Your IT Security is our Business!

We stay committed; our attention is a 100% focus on the customer IT infrastructure. For our customers this will result in more efficient research into fraud and cybercrime and they can trust on the continuity of their. Our confidence in our systems and our people is backed by our Commitment to Service.