The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

IPerity B.V.

Our vision is a world where communication has no obstacles.


We build cloud-telephony and Unified Communication solutions that replace a legacy PBX. Our main software solution, Compass, can be offered as hosted and fully redundant, but can also be provided in a private or hybrid cloud model. The main difference of Compass with other PBX solutions is that our main focus is offering an API; and therefore enabling other companies to build their applications on it. We also take pride in the fact that we help and support our partner companies every step of the way by delivering useful templates, tutorials and pieces of advice, ensuring the best quality results.


In essence, Compass functions as a PBX foundation with its accompanying building blocks. The biggest benefit of this approach is meeting specific customer needs and requirements in various niche markets. 

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D. Wolf
General Manager
HSD Campus, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, 2595 AN, Den Haag
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