The Dutch
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The Dutch
Security Cluster

SAFE (EU Cluster)



Health, industry, environment, agro-food industry, etc., nowadays, safety and security are critical subjects in all economy sectors, countries and citizens. Our primary activity in SAFE Cluster (Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth) is to conceive and build together innovative solutions for security of people and environment. Our goal is to become a benchmark European cluster in security solutions.


SAFE Cluster is a recent created cluster focusing on global security*. Its network includes customers and suppliers of security solutions.


Born in December 2015, from the merging of Pegase and Risks clusters, SAFE Cluster reunites almost 600 affiliates, including: companies, and training and research organizations related to security, environment protection and aerospace sectors; together with insurance companies, banks, and, most important, customers (civil and cities security services, etc.). They all grant SAFE Cluster:
• The opportunity of developing new business models to boost companies’ competitiveness
• A complete value chain that associates technology suppliers, integrators, and most important, existing and future clients of security solutions.


With a 7% of annual growth rate estimated, the security sector represents a remarkable development opportunity for SAFE Cluster’s members, who are largely implanted in PACA Region, a leading French region in this sector, thanks to the strong presence of OEMs and SMEs in civil security and defense.


To support our affiliates’ development, SAFE Cluster provides services of “networking”, “business” and “growth”, with actions going from a project idea to finding technology partners, financers and international development.

Alliance partner

Contact info

Jean-Michel DUMAZ
Security and Defence Programs Director
[email protected]
+33 6 08 41 01 46
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