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GRCcontrol is an application for Governance, Risk and Compliance for managing risks. It is based on an integrated management approach, whereby safety assurance is realized on the basis of a Plan-Do-Check-Act-cycle. GRCcontrol also provides standard functionality to achieve compliance with regard to legislation and standards. Functionalities such as audit management, risk management, task management, both norms and measure sets as well as dashboards and reports are standard issue. Through the modules ‘Information System Management System (ISMS)’ and ‘Privacy Management System’ you can completely personalize the GRC solution to controlling information security and privacy risks.


GRCcontrol is made by CompLions-GRC B.V It is our mission to support clients with managing risks and how these comply with the norm as well as legislation. Our goal is twofold: to provide the best functionality based on pragmatism and maximize ease of use and on the other hand deliver 'ready to go' content, so that the initiation moment is high. More than a hundred customers, both nationally and internationally, are now using our software for privacy, security, governance, risk and compliance management. From small, medium to large companies and institutions, in sectors such as healthcare, financial, IT & telecoms, local and national government and industry.

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