The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster


Stedin is amongst the top 3 Distribution System Operators of the Netherlands. Our headquarters is in the city of Rotterdam. We are the Distribution System Operator (grid operator) of most of the Randstad area, which includes 3 of the 4 biggest cities in The Netherlands including the Rotterdam port area and the Botlek industrial area. High-density urban areas known for their complex infrastructure and high dependency on energy which require continuous availability of energy.


With 2,700 employees we work to ensure a future energy system in which more and more energy is sustainable and generated locally. So that all our customers can work and live as they desire in the most urban area of the Netherlands.


It is clear that our grids are the foundation on which the energy transition will occur. It is therefore an absolute necessity that we, as an organization, work to continuously gain more and better insight into crucial aspects of the energy transition by collecting and analysing data. It is also important that we protect our data and services. With joining HSD we stay on top of new developments and trends in the security sector.




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Luisella ten Pierik
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Blaak 8
3011 TA Rotterdam
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