Tymlez Software and Consulting is a start-up specialised in blockchain technology for enterprises. The company consists of a group of experienced entrepeneurs with expertise in the field of enterprise application development, IT security, identity management and authentication, telecommunication and mobile security.



Our strength lies in helping clients to identify and deal with the impact of disruptive technologies on their business. We consult organizations on a variety of issues such as corporate strategy, organizatioal, business and product development and process improvement.



Our goal is to create timeless software that help companies with their digital transformation. For us blockchain is an enabler and a requirement for the launch of new business models.

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Contact info

The Hague Office (Corporate HQ)
WTC The Hague - C-tower (13th floor - 01)
The Hague Security Delta International Center
Prinses Beatrix laan 582
2595 BM The Hague
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