The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Telindus (voorheen ION-IP)

Being a Managed Security Provider, ION-IP is positioned as a knowledge leader in the area of information security. considers it its responsibility to increase the security awareness of organizations and help them to continuously protect confidential business information.


Functionality and security often conflict with each other. ION-IP’s ambition is to be the customers’ partner in this difficult isssue and help them to ensure security, without prejudice to the speed and flexibility of business operations.


ION-IP distinguishes itself by its unique Point of Control approach. This allows to centrally enforce security and performance policies on data traffic. The benefits: simplified management, lower costs and better insight in the network.


With its pragmatic approach, flexibility and commitment, ION-IP unburdens many organizations in business services, healthcare and government sectors.

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