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The Dutch
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Visma Connect BV

Visma Connect is a fast growing company that employs professionals that create innovative solutions for their customers. Since 2006 we have specialized in Chain Automation. Our focus is the implementation, improvement, and the management of automated information exchange between businesses. Visma Connect  is a recognized leader in building, maintaining and operating information exchange platforms and services that are both efficient and secure.

The Digital Economy is powered by the ability of businesses, government, and public to interact on an informational level. This requires an information exchange mechanism that is easy to access, predictable, and above all secure. Visma Connect provides the building blocks that allow for secure information exchange. Based on the secure building blocks, the focus can reshift to the initial requirements: what information exchange is needed between multiple bodies.

Getting the requirements and standards right, is a world upon itself. Visma Connect plays an important role with standardization bodies and clients. You will have to think in terms of Standard Business Reporting (SBR), eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), and the underlying Extensible Markup Language (XML). We have created tooling to develop the taxonomy to build and verify XBRL. Our strength is thus to provide safe information chains that are part of the critical infrastructure for our customers. We also bring a 24-hour operations environment that monitors the flow and detects issue within the chains.

Visma Connect can help partners to accelerate the setup of secure automated chains. We are also looking for partners that can help improve our business. This can range from technical concepts on how to harden, monitor, and test, how to increase security awareness or how to provide assurance to partners.

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