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The Dutch
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Caesar ICT Groep

Caesar Group is a highly reputed ICT service provider in the Netherlands that offers ICT solutions with significant value for its clients. It is our profession to translate business challenges into effective ICT solutions in order to create real value for our clients. Caesar Group has been established in 1993 and has meanwhile developed into an organization with around 250 professionals. Our head office is based in the city Utrecht.
Caesar Group offers the following services:

• Consultation
Helping our customers with (dramatically) improving their own IT performance based on Theory of Constraints (Eli Goldratt). Some of our consultants were trained bij Eli Goldratt himself.
• ICT Projects
Building custom software always with the right (=needed) scope, always witin the initial budget and always on time. Pay for the generated output, not for the effort!
• Management of ICT Solutions
Our goal is not just to maintain a system but to improve it by avoiding downtime and keeping it up to date with the business processes.
• Secondment
Deploying our extensive expertise’s and knowledge by means of our professionals on location of the customer.

Caesar deploys its extensive expertise in technologies such as Microsoft, J2EE, Oracle, Process and in-depth market knowledge such as Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Enterprise Content Management.
We serve customers in relation to the security sector such as defense, justice, police and COA. We are active in areas such as Crisis Management, Data Analytics, Event Security, Real Time Intelligence, Sensing.

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Janssoniuslaan 80
3528 AJ Utrecht
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