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The Dutch
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Kuipers Electronic Engineering BV

The primary objective of Kuipers Electronic Engineering is to develop, deliver and maintain reliable and secure telecontrol hard- and software for remote monitoring and control of all kinds of technical installations. Custom developments and services are provided under the YES-Partner label. The TMX label incorporates an extensive range of standard available substation solutions and master station software solutions. This intelligent and comprehensive telecontrol solution offers the complete management for automatic measurements, registration, real-time control, alerting, reporting, adjusting settings and remote process control.

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Because of the extensive use of TMX for managing and operational control for critical infrastructure applications, cyber security protection is a standard 'by design' requirement and included in any new development for a system component or software module. Nowadays many customers rely on the ease of use of a powerful, secure and universal cloud application, so the TMX-Net Pro hosting service is used as master station for almost all new applications.

The layout of all systems for this SaaS service is designed, configured and maintained by Kuipers Electronic Engineering. Many special precautions and safe guards are applied to offer the highest achievable security level. This is also important because TMX-Net Pro is often linked to other applications, such as systems for maintenance management (CMMS) and geographical information (GIS). Extensive knowledge required for providing secure systems is available in our organisation and supplemented by expertise available from other specialised organisations including other HSD partners.

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Peter-Paul Kuipers
[email protected]
Houtkopersstraat 6
3334 KD
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