The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

Gemeente Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom is a fortified town and has seen its location always of strategic importance. This explains to a large extent also why a city like Bergen op Zoom "security" always important. From the security policy is the municipality of Bergen op Zoom important that innovation within the broad Security domain always needs to be encouraged and integral work from the 1 public thought is becoming increasingly important. Hereby, we are looking for active partners on information sharing and information work and have sent highly valued. Because we care-veiligheiddomein smart connect and strengthen these domains, each other and can profit to be gained from these domains to focus more efficiently and effectively in making it possible to work smarter. This we respond to the changing society and the new role of the local government. We are as town Bergen op Zoom in the precinct The Markiezaten the pulling municipality for tackling organised crime and information work and we sent Center municipality for the Care and security home and for the groups vulnerable and confused people.


Gevangenpoort 25a

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James Habibuw ( Relatiemanager / Adviseur Public Affairs )
4600 AA Bergen op Zoom
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