The Dutch
Security Cluster
The Dutch
Security Cluster

In-pact B.V.

Mission statement
Add value to the society by acting with socially responsible entrepreneurship and complicity towards our client organisations and collaboration in the field of public safety and security.

Founded 1991, origin as a Dutch Police Force consultancy bureau and working as an independent organisation since 2007.

Organisational development for organisations in the field of public safety and security, and criminal justice institutions. We are active in both national and international environments.

Employees background: Police Force, Military Police Force, Business management.

In-pact core business
• Organisation development
• Design & implementation: Business strategy, Business planning, Business processes, Business audits, Intelligence.
• Program, Project, Process, Performance, Information and Business management.
• Collaboration B2B, B2G and G2G.
• Citizen participation in the field of public safety (Burgernet).
• Risk analysis (including tooling).
• Coaching  (individuals/organisations).

• Strategy development.
• Program, Project, Process, Performance and Information management.
• Intelligence (Jules®), including Future scenario development.
• Risk Analysis (including tooling).
• Disaster and crisis management.

In-pact can take the lead and assist in organising, planning, execution and implementation of projects and activities of various characteristic projects. We are experienced in making horizontal and vertical connections between organisations, projects and people in a pragmatic way. Our people are passionate and persistent in achieving goals.

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