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The Dutch
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LeaderTelecom B.V.

LeaderTelecom B.V. ( ) offers supreme quality reliable services in SSL products market and serving customers from all over the globe. We provide access to a huge variety of SSL Certificates, which allow safeguarding personal data on a websites and in the mobile applications. The importance of such a protection could be crucial and cannot be underestimated in order to be able to provide peace of mind to the end users due to the constantly improving approaches of stealing valuable personal data. Phishing has become one of the most commonly used online fraud methods. Fraudsters create website clone, which looks exactly as the original one in order to be able to collect sensitive personal information such as login names, passwords, credit card numbers etc.


Our company is by far one of the top resellers of the following brands Comodo, Symantec, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and Entrust. LeaderTelecom B.V. is a strategic partner of Comodo Group and official Symantec partner, holding a status of Symantec Website Security Solutions Specialist. Only a dozen of companies around the world have acquired this status, which points to the highest quality of customer service and in-depth knowledge of the products.


LeaderTelecom B.V. represented globally, including Dutch market. We are proud to provide services to a constantly growing number of our customers from more than 80 countries. Company’s headquarters located in Amsterdam with an additional office in The Hague. LeaderTelecom B.V. has a status of Local Internet Registry (LIR) as well.


Our company became Company of the Month in January 2015, according to WestHolland. The company regularly speaks at key industry events, such as the Cyber Security Week, WHD.Global, EFPE. LeaderTelecom has the title «Interested Party» on CA/Browser Forum. The company determines the future vector of development in the SSL-industry.


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