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The Dutch
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vhp human performance

Since 1994, vhp human performance has been ensuring optimal coordination between people, work, technology and organisation in order to achieve our clients’ goals. We have always done this in complex working environments. Where technology plays a dominant role and where people are pushed to the limit. The consequences are also big if the goals are not achieved. This experience enables us, like no other, to set up a working environment in such a way that it will serve people as much as possible and increase their strength and possibilities in a sustainable manner. This is how we make people the heart of the future. The heart of your smart and flexible organisation. But also, the living and directing heart of smart public, the sustainable heart of smart industry and the healthy heart of smart health.


We believe that the coming century will be the most productive, healthy and fun century people have ever experienced. Man’s possibilities will only increase. Surrounded and supported by technology, data and robots, man will be better able to understand, control and change his environment, so that his life becomes healthier and more pleasant and his work more productive and sustainable.


At vhp human performance we believe in this bright future, because we believe in the power of people. We see people as the living heart of technology and organisations with which we surround ourselves. The leading heart needed to make those tools work for us.

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