The Dutch
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The Dutch
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ROC Mondriaan School voor Orde & Veiligheid

The School for Safety and Security, part of ROC Mondriaan, is partner in the Hague Security Delta (HSD). The school offers vocational education and trains young people for jobs in private security companies and public enforcement organizations like Police and Defence.


Annually about 700 students start their education at the school. With the various educational programmes, the school wants to connect with the profile of the city of The Hague as international city of justice and peace.


As knowledge partner of HSD,  ROC Mondriaan wants to contribute to aligning needs of the security-business and the education field in The Hague, by preparing students, developing educational programmes and exchanging knowledge.


The school has adopted two focus points in the national security-agenda:

  • urban & event security

  • media knowledge & cyber security.


Starting August 2016 the school will offer its students two options in addition to the basic programme. In the field of urban & event security students will be offered the opportunity to learn to use camera surveillance as a means of prevention and to study aspects of profiling.


Regarding cyber security students can choose a course aimed at media knowledge and at improving IT-skills in relation to the security profession.


In developing these two extra courses the School for Order and Security will cooperate with other HSD-partners.


ROC Mondriaan is a school offering over two hundred vocational training curricula in various fields, like nursing and welfare, administration and economics, technique, hospitality and personal care. It offers vocational training to 18.000 young people in the The Hague area.


If you are interested you can find this curricula on

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mw. L. Laven, onderwijsmanager
[email protected]
Helenastraat 11
2595 HA Den Haag
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