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The Dutch
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Taking a step forward together, even when things get tough.


The security sector is constantly evolving and improving: at municipal and regional level, and in collaborative partnerships. We operate in a complex arena where conflicting social forces are at play, under constant scrutiny from politicians and the public eye: standing still is never an option. But how do you remain passionate about tackling new security challenges? How do you stay dedicated, innovative and determined to move forward, even when things get tough?


Successfully implementing change in the security sector: yes, it is possible

Taking a step forward together even when the going gets tough. It’s more than just our motto, it defines who we are. This approach enables Van Aetsveld to help clients in the security sector to achieve results through challenging changes and projects. For example:

  • In criminal assets deprivation through regional collaboration with the police, the Public Prosecution Service, the Tax and Customs Administration, municipalities and the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service.

  • Assisting the transition to the National Police Force, ensuring that every aspect of the new management is fully operational.


Exactly the help you need

In a complex and ever-changing sector, we have what it takes to identify and understand major trends and to gauge their impact on your employees, processes, organization and management. Our extensive experience in change and project management in the security sector means we can provide exactly the help you need. Help that is customized and, above all, efficient. Once the decision to change has been taken, we provide the muscle and motivation required. At the first sign that a change process or collaboration might be at risk of grinding to a halt, we are on hand to create the space for solutions. What we offer: commitment, drive, reliability, creativity and a proactive attitude.


Van Aetsveld: a force to be reckoned with in the security sector

Standing still is not an option for us either. We are constantly evolving as a company. Not only as experts in change management and project management, but also by developing innovative concepts and training programs, while forging alliances in the area of security and in society at large. Our partners include:

  • BlomBerg Society

  • The Hague Security Delta

  • Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Overheid (and educational center for business and the public sector)


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About van Aetsveld

The people in our network contact us when their organizations face important changes and challenging projects. Van Aetsveld has over 50 employees and is the ultimate specialist in the area of project management and management of change in The Netherlands. Our clients not only value us as skilled experts, but they also feel that we are special in three ways. We bring energy to any organization, we are creative and we bring (back) the fun into change. It’s our goal to inspire people in organizations to embark on a new course. It is not only fun to work with us, it is also fun to reach great and lasting results together. That is how we – and you – get things done. The professionals at Van Aetsveld are successful project managers, change agents, program managers and consultants. Our Academy offers a comprehensive range of training programs for professionals in our field.


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Would you like to take a step forward with Van Aetsveld? We would very much like to discuss options with you. Please get in touch with Mark Albers or Peter van Dusseldorp.