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AWARENESS consultancy for policy marketing

Awareness is a Dutch based consultancy firm for policy marketing. Since 1992 Awareness supports the development and implementation of policies for both the public sector and business communities. We consciously choose  to support policies that contribute to a sustainable society and a higher level of well-being, including the domain of safety and security. We aim to improve the performance of governments, especially by contributing to their quality of communication and interaction with citizins. Focus areas are a.o. urban security and cyber security. We put our skills and expertise to work in the quadruple helix of academia, government, industry and the user.


Awareness provides effective advice and consultancy on how to initiate and organise collaboration of governments with stakeholders, third parties, target groups and citizins in society. Awareness is experienced in complex administrative and political communication processes. We strive to provide long-lasting support and extra quality of plans by designing, organizing and executing effective and manageable collaboration.

The Awareness approach
Our approach is called ‘policy marketing’: applying proven marketing knowledge and skills in the development and implementation of policies. This approach has been based on distinguishing target groups and tuning both policies and communication  to the customer’s wishes and (im)possibilities. Awareness’ key phrases are: search for shared interests, consider positions of target groups, activate partners, build bridges, create coalitions and carefully and effectively associate with each other. Our approach combines communication, marketing and process guidance and support, based on thorough research and strategy development.

Clients range among others from departments and provinces to municipalities, housing corporations and not-for-profit organizations

We provide stakeholder analysis, communication strategies, participatory or collaborative processes, risk communications, policy mediation, coaching, independent chairmanship, interim management.

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