The Dutch
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The Dutch
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University Twente (UT)

Studying at the University of Twente is different than studying anywhere else. Why? Because our vision of the world you will live and work in after leaving us has led us to develop a distinct view on education and research – and on the kind of scientists, engineers and professionals tomorrow’s world will need.


  • The world today faces challenges that are more complex than any mankind has faced before. Solving those problems calls for creative, cross-disciplinary thinking– which is why, in almost everything we do, we combine technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences. We encourage you to cross boundaries, make new connections.
  • Many of today’s challenges transcend national borders, often taking on global dimensions. This is one reason we have a strong international profile and encourage cross-cultural teamwork: it is what you will face when you leave university.
  • We push entrepreneurship, because we believe the purpose of learning is to create change for the better. We reward creativity, innovation and guts.
  • Our ambition to impact society in meaningful ways means we’re strong on practical application and valorization and we place teamwork and hands-on projects at the centre of our education.
  • We believe the ability to bring about change is a matter of personality, not just intelligence. With that in mind we invest heavily in your personal growth: at few other universities will you get as much personal support as at the UT – and all that in a relaxed, informal educational setting, in which peer learning thrives and staff are there to help you carve out your learning path.
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